Message from our Principal, Andres Orbe

Pinktastic Day!

We had a pinktastic day!  Many of us dressed in pink. One class loves pink so much… they wrapped themselves in pink!

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Orangetastic Day!

We had an orangetastic day!  Many of us dressed in orange. Classes made orange pumpkins, drank orange juice and ate oranges!  Orange you glad we had fun!

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We are so Proud

To adults who remember, it’s a timely reminder of the events that happened on September 11, 2001. However to Ms. Thomas’ kindergarten class, it’s a cool story from their Reading Street Series about cooperation, collaboration, and new creation to honor a great nation.

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North Kindergarteners Trap Leprechauns!

St Patrick’s Day is a day when we all become a little Irish. Kindergarteners and their families designed and built leprechaun traps in hopes to catch the magical creatures known as leprechauns. The children had amazing leprechaun traps.  Those leprechauns didn’t have a chance! Everyone who made a trap… caught a leprechaun.  They even found magical leprechaun juice.  It…

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North Movie Night

North Elementary had its first movie night.  Students and parents came out on a cold March night with blankets and chairs in hand.  Parents took the Illinois 5Essentials Survey while their children enjoyed fresh popcorn, juice boxes and Big Hero 6 in the gymnasium. Thanks to all who shared the evening with us!

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